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::: Autodidact ·.°.·°.· In 1954 Michail Stilman was born in Wladiwostock (Russia). It has been a long way for him to the art but he found it with his passion and it has become his life.

Stilman's paintings are born from emotion - outside of logical thinking. Especially emotions are being restructured into colours and determine the atmosphere of the painting. Music, river, woman - anything - is transformed into a melody of colours with broad diapason of happiness and tragedy. His art is expressive and highly dense in colours.

His paintings are tense, with contrast, even bold, but always succulent - like an orange.

Exhibitions in Riga and especially Moscow have created a significant public interest in the artist.

His works are found in private collections in England, Germany, Israel, Latvia, Norway, Russia, and the USA.